About Us

Our Philosophy

At Alex&Dria Butter's, we believe in creating skincare products that are gentle, safe, and effective for everyone. We take pride in formulating our products to be plant-based, chemical-free, and paraben-free, making them suitable for our vegan friends. Our mission is to provide you with top-quality natural ingredients that not only moisturize but also help heal and take care of your skin, the largest organ in our bodies. 

"Alex&Dria Butter's has been designed with you in mind!"

Our founder, Alexandria Tidwell, began Alex&Dria Butter's after experiencing incredibly dry skin due to Papillary Thyroid Cancer and the damaging effects of Hypothyroidism. She realized that the skincare products she was using had an array of chemicals and alcohol that did not help combat but contributed to her skin's extreme dryness. After years of testing, we launched our products in 2021, featuring 100% pure and unrefined shea butter, and coconut oil that provides lasting and outstanding results for the skin. We are thrilled to share our beneficial products with you and your loved ones.